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visual storytelling 

There is a story behind every picture, but not every story begins with: Once upon a time....

Our  pictures tell of the future. Of possibilities. of ideas. Von Potential and Visions. We express the story of each space. Who will live here? Who will work here?


Visual storytelling connects the potential of the property with the interests of the target group.

We use existing rooms to create scope for the ideas of future residents.


With decoration, accessories and furnishings, we address potential buyers and tenants directly.

Depending on the property, we also combine items from our collection with existing furniture.

The difference to comprehensive "classic" home staging lies in the extent of the service: In this case, no separate furnishing concept is created. Details play the main role here!

Visual storytelling is included in an exclusive agency contract for sales and rentals.

"Ultimately, I think empathy is the cornerstone of design".

(Ilse Crawford, Interview mit Jill Pope für Architectureau in Houses (Issue 113), December 2016) 

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