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The sales process 

The get-to-know
Are you selling an apartment, house or office? Then we are interested in the motives behind the decision to sell and the history of your property. We discuss details such as current operating costs, reserves of the house or the apartment, protocols of the last owners' meeting, etc. After we have explained the legal and general conditions to you, we visit your property together.

The order
We recommend (after research) the sales price and the marketing strategy. After the exchange of information, the order is placed - assuming there is mutual understanding and sympathy.

The research
All documents relevant for the sale, such as the extract from the land register,  apartment ownership contract, etc. are collected by us, processed and summarized for potential buyers.

The interpretation of the property
The focus is on: individuality, special features and differentiating features. We use simple measures to neutralize and decorate rooms to create a appealing  atmosphere for photography. Above all, the character of the respective property is emphasized. 
How do we  interpret your property most effectively? By the"ifeelhome" theme.     

The sale

Your property will now be presented to our reserved and newly acquired clients and viewings will be arranged upon request. You will regularly receive activity reports and information on the current sales status.

The purchase agreement
If a prospective buyer makes a purchase offer, we can organiz
e a get- to-know each other  if necessary/desired. If the price is agreed and the requirements are met, the purchase contract will be set up by a contractor of the buyers choice and at his expenses and signed by a notary.

The security
The buyer must transfer the purchase price to an escrow account within the period specified in the purchase contract. The purchase price will only be transferred to you after the ownership right has been entered in the land register. This legally prescribed procedure guarantees security for both sides. The broker commission is only due after the purchase contract has been signed by both parties.

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