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The rental process 

The get-to-know
Are you renting out an apartment, house or office? Then we are interested in: First rental? Previous course of rentals, previous rental price, etc. After we have explained the legal and general conditions to you, we will visit your property together.

The order
We talk about the rental price to be achieved and adjust it if necessary. We clarify your expectations of the tenant. After the exchange of information, the order is placed - assuming there is mutual understanding and sympathy.

The research
All rental-relevant documents are collected and processed by us. These include, for example, legal foundations (MRG/ABGB), operating cost distribution key, draft of the rental agreement (if already available),  etc.

Convince with details
We focus on an aesthetic presentation. Photography, home staging and text take center stage to increase interest. How do we make details work most effectively? Through our "ifeelhome" theme.

The Rental

Your property will now be presented to our reserved and newly acquired customers. Viewings are arranged upon request. You will regularly receive activity reports and information on the current status.

The lease agreement
If a prospective tenant submits a rental offer, we will send you this along with copies of the most recent pay slips or proof of income and other additional information from our research. If required/desired, a meeting will take place. If the tenant meets your expectations, you will countersign the rental offer. The rental agreement is drawn up on behalf of and usually at the expense of the landlord, sent to both parties for verification and signed. After that the broker commission is due.

The handover
The handover date will be agreed. We prepare a handover and photo protocol adapted for the respective property. As soon as the tenant has signed all the documents and paid the deposit, the property will be handed over.

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